To increase the effectiveness of the Anderson Museum of Art as a cultural center through the following means:

  • By stimulating public interest in the collection, exhibits and programs in art, music and theatre.
  • By planning special activities that will lead to an increased membership in the Anderson Museum of Art.
  • By carrying out projects with will increase the revenues for operation and for the acquisition of works of art.
  • By providing hospitality for distinguished guests and lecturers of the Museum, as well as serving as hostesses for its previews, receptions, concerts and other activities.
  • By cooperating with the Board of Trustees and staff of the Anderson Museum of Art in such other matters as are determined to be appropriate for action by the Women’s League.

Hosted by AMOA Women’s League

Join AMOA Women’s League for a fun night of 1920’s celebrations at the upcoming Roaring 1920s Party sponsored by Community Hospital Anderson!

The event is open to everyone 21+, 1920’s attire is encouraged but not required.

  • Hors D’oeuvres
  • Dessert Auction
  • Dancing
  • 50/50
  • Drinks from Culture Urban Winery and Oakley Bros.

Entertainment provided by the Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra featuring Rick Vale.

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Anderson Museum of Art, unless otherwise noted.

September 28, 2022
Jeri Adams | Michelangelo

October 26, 2022
Melissa O’Conner | Pulp and Pine

November 23, 2022
Jeri Adams | Van Gogh

December 2022 – Date TBD
Christmas Party @ 11 am

January, 2021

February 22, 2023
Pastor DonDena Johnson | Ireland Sea Walk: From the Irish Sea to the North Sea

March 22, 2023
Celia Burns | Dome of the Rock

April 2023
Fundraising Event TBA

May 24, 2023
Jeri Adams | Monet

President: Kathy Kean

Vice President: Carolyn Shell

2nd Vice President: Georgia Parker

Secretary: Sandy French

Treasurer: Marietta Lutz

Adams, Jeri

Anderson, Nancy

Barton, Linda

Burrell, Diane

Canaday, Anita

Collier, Gayla

Cunningham, Carolyn

Eddy, Sonya

Erskine, Betty

First, Rebecca

French, Sandra

Frieling, Avis

Graham, Nancy Butz

High, Marilyn

Hughes, Dee Ann

Jackson, Janene

Kean, Kathy

Leech, Carol

Luck, Pam

Lutz, Marietta

McDaniel, Janet

McNabney, Sharon

Mellenthin, Katherine

Morgan, Elizabeth

Nicholson, Helen

Olive, Janet

Parker, Georgia

Peck, Betsy

Riggs, Barbara Ann

Rigsby, Jane Ann

Scott, Jan

Seybert, Marilyn

Shell, Carolyn

Swager, Becky

Swango, Mary

Utley, Marsha

Vanderluit, Laura

Volk, Sandra

Waltz, Norma C.

Ward, Gail

Whetsel, Acohla

Whitsell-Sherman, Jean

Wilson, Adele

Wolfe, Sharon

York, Carolyn

York, Carolyn

1967-69 Mrs. Byron Stewart

1969-70 Mrs. Wilbur Martin

1970-71 Mrs. Ward Stillson

1971-72 Mrs. Wilbur Roby

1972-73 Mrs. Phillip Tibbetts

1973-74 Mrs. John Zankl

1974-75 Mrs. Charles King

1975-76 Mrs. Robert Miller

1976-77 Mrs. Robert Hackler

1977-78 Mrs. James Ault

1978-79 Mrs. Russell Johnson

1979-80 Mrs. John Lee

1980-81 Mrs. Charles Hoffman

1981-82 Mrs. William Ehrlich

1982-83 Mrs. Eugene Yates

1983-84 Mrs. John Robinson

1984-85 Mrs. Robert Austin

1985-86 Mrs. Charles Hoffman

1986-87 Mrs. Charles Denny

1987-88 Mrs. Robert N. Showmaker

1988-89 Mrs. Max Williams

1989-90 Mrs. Robert Jackson

1990-91 Mrs. Henry Benak

1991-92 Mrs. Herbert Carner

1992-93 Mrs. Betty Mehling

1993-94 Mrs. Carolyn Zankl

1994-95 Mrs. Blanche Wilking

1995-96 Mrs. Donald Hunt

1996-97 Mrs. Robert McVicker

1997-98 Mrs Juhl Baker

1998-99 Mrs. Ann Merritt

1999-2000 Mrs. Judy Riggs

2000-01 Mrs. Deane Cunningham

2001-02 Mrs. Linda Boys

2002-03 Mrs. Linda Boys

2003-04 Mrs. Diane Burrell

2004-05 Mrs. Diane Burrell

2005-06 Mrs. Carolyn Cunningham

2006-07 Mrs. Carolyn Cunningham

2007-08 Mrs. Sue Vest

2008-09 Mrs. Sue Vest & Mrs. Linda Boys

2009-10 Mrs. Linda Boys

2010-11 Mrs. Debbie Lawrence – Long

2011-12 Mrs. Debbie Lawrence – Long

2012-13 Mrs. Charlotte Marmon

2013-14 Mrs. Charlotte Marmon

2014-15 Mrs. Carolyn Shell

2015-16 Mrs. Carolyn Shell

2016-17 Mrs. Debbie Lawrence-Long

2017-18 Mrs. Georgia Parker

2018-19 Mrs. Georgia Parker

2019-20 Mrs. Gail Ward

2020-21 Mrs. Gail Ward