Below are just a few of the items available for purchase in the AMOA Shop.

Greg Adams, Teal Birdhouse $50

Carrie Amos, Leather Earrings, $10

Twila Beahm, Toothfairy Houses, $45

Twila Beahm, Strong Women Series, $40

Terry Dukeman, Porcelain Painted Jar, $28

Chic Elbert-Velazco, Eggs Spotted Necklace, $45

Patrick Kluesner, Oil on canvas, $75

Betty Knapp, Pastel, $40

Michael Janosky, August Morning, $125

Sarah Jones, Tiny Sky, $25

Judy Kreiger, Wooden Coasters, $25

Judy Kreiger, Copper & Silver Necklace, $50

Jan McCune, Wide etched brass cuff, $75

Beverly Mills, Pastel, $60

Anthony Padgett, Metal robin print, $20

Kameron Robinson, River clay mug, $35

Joe Rohrman, Ceramic Dwelling, $40

Maria Walker, Vintage Bird Beaded Earrings, $25


  • Must live and create in Indiana. 
  • Selected artisans must have an AMOA membership; membership not required to apply. To become a member click here. 
  • Artwork must be under $100. 
  • Artwork must be handcrafted. 
  • 25% Commission retained.
  • Must be 18 or older.