Prom Picture Protocol

Welcome to your facility! We are pleased you’ve chosen our beautiful facility for a back drop to your important pictures. Hopefully you will return often to enjoy the art which changes throughout the year.

Please remember:

  • The artworks in this building are original, created by individual artists. All are one of a kind or very limited original editions.
  • No touching works of art. Please stand at least one foot away from artworks and walls. This includes no leaning into the work with elbows, shoulders, arms, heads, or other parts of your body.
  • Do not stand on furniture or bases of architectural columns and walls.¬†
  • No moving of art, furniture, or adjustable walls.¬†

Persons not following these guidelines will be asked to leave.

Charges Apply (unless other arrangements are made for group fees ahead of time)

$5 per student 

Regular Admission charges for other accompanying family members and friends:
$3 per