Nolan Preece

April 12 – May 31, 2017

“Preece is an experimental photographer who creates images without lens or camera, by painting various chemicals onto light-sensitive silver halide paper. After they are fixed and dry, the images are scanned by the artist into high resolution files, which he uses to make prints, the biggest of which measures 44 by 54 inches. The artist came to this continually evolving process through his own experimentation in the early 1980s, calling his new invention, the “chemigram.” In the 1950s, Pierre Cordier, who was unknown to Preece at the time, had developed a similar process. The fascinating results of this technique are a combination of inspired painting and photographic realization. Both luminous and numinous, Preece’s chemigrams confound the mind and delight the eye.”

Phil Tarley from Fabrik Magazine, Issue 34

Robert Sabuda’s 12 Days of Christmas
Abstract II