Abstract II

April 20 – June 22, 2017
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 23 from 1:30 – 3:30

Our second installment of contemporary abstract artists in Indiana includes artists Dan Annarino, Paula  Dalton, Heidi Harner, and Avon Waters.

Dan Annarino
West Lafayette

earthscape 6

Paula Dalton

Encelia farinosa

Heidi Harner


Avon Waters

River of Light

“I’m particularly interested in the relationships between sheds, barns, fields, crops, trees, roads, waterways, hedge rows, horizon and sky. The composition of the rural landscape and man-made structures have a graphic quality to them; the juxtaposition of the linear, grid-like elements contrasting with the natural forms create an interesting mix.”
Artist Statement

“I have come to think of my canvases as the “Flatlands” of painting.  Line, color and shape are the tools that I use to create an environment that is truly two dimensional yet provides an impression of atmosphere; and ultimately a place that does not physically exist.”
Artist Statement

“Kind of like people, my paintings can embody beauty, mystery, and awkward transitions as they mature into the final ‘masterpiece.’ All those elements fit together, just as our past helps mold us into the people we are today. If I relax, keep working, and I do my job well, it will eventually turn into something purposely beautiful.” Artist Statement 

“I am a kleptomaniac – I unwittingly take what is not mine from other artists and make it mine by sampling and remixing all I admire; a twist on the idea that nothing is really new. My art is a compulsion to find beauty in what I think is generally an ugly world. My fascination with color, designs, and our art heritage influences what I do in all medias.”
Artist Statement 

Nolan Preece
Figures of Speech (2017)