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Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco

Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco is a local artist and educator. She has been teaching art for over 30 years with the Anderson Community School Corporation. She received her BS and MS at Ball State University in art education. She studied printmaking with Tom Minkler while she pursued her art degree. Many of her prints have won awards and are in several private and gallery collections.

Samson Hunckler

Samson Hunckler is a high school art teacher at Pendleton Heights High School and has been for thirteen years and counting. He earned his Bachelors of Science in the Visual Arts (“my fancy way of saying ‘Art Education Degree’”), from Ball State  “class of ‘04. Chirp! Chirp!” Samson teaches Photography, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, and Design but specializes, and favors, in Drawing and Painting. “I really enjoy the experience of creating art, and the discoveries found within. I try to recreate that same experience for all of my students.”

Twitter: @SamsonKnight56 | Instagram & Flickr: @samsonhunckler

Kameron Robinson

Kameron Robinson is a local artist and director of East Side Arts, a ministry of East Side Church of God, and has been a resident of Anderson since 1997. He is a graduate of both Anderson University and Anderson University School of Theology with a B.A. in Fine Art with an emphasis in Glass Blowing and Sculpture and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Service. Kameron’s work combines the natural world with sculptures in glass and ceramics exploring the connection between organic systems and humanity. Kameron has been teaching at The Anderson Center for the Arts for three years and loves sharing his craft and passion with the people of Anderson.

Website: | Instagram: @kameron.robinson.arts