April 2, 2023 – May 27, 2023

Spring is officially here! Don’t miss out on this colorful exhibit Technicolor Dreams: Art by  Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell & Jennifer Hoard. 


Join us on April 2nd at 2:00 pm alongside the 42nd IN-Focus.


Born in 1973, Lynette was raised and continues to reside in Hartford City, Indiana, with her husband and two smushy-faced dogs: Argo Eames, a boxer, and Agnes Frida Ball, an English bulldog. Lyn, as she’s more casually known, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. For nearly two decades Lyn has worked as a creative director in visual communication with known work for brands like Red Gold, Ball State University, and many more. Since 2005, Lyn has exhibited her fine artwork regionally, nationally, and internationally.

“I embrace color and push society’s ingrained connotations. I enjoy challenging normal emotions of sad colors, happy subject matter, and vice versa. I crave intense hues, heavy pigments, and screaming color — juxtaposed with ephemera from yesteryear and digital transfers made from old black-and-white photos from the early to mid-1900s. I tackle society’s skew on women’s roles and domestic and child abuse issues. I use a layering method — in mixed media — which results in an alluring interplay of contrasting colors and intriguing textures to guide the eyes of the viewer through a playground of media. I aim to achieve sharp, bold images with skewed and secretive interpretations underlined on the substrate. Every inch of the work becomes a cacophony of colors.”


Born in 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Jennifer grew up in the suburbs of Indianapolis’ north side. Her interest in art evolved naturally out of a childhood love of imaginative creations. From an early age she knew that she was going to be an artist. Jennifer attended Indiana University and obtained a BFA in drawing and painting in 2011. She currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband and their two dogs.

“My work is primarily an endeavor to explore and recreate the shape and experience of dreams. I have always been fascinated with the way that dreams project the laws of reality in a contorted and inconsistent manner. Down can be up, small can be big, and free falling can be standing perfectly still. In a process that evolved from many years of making collages from cut up magazine images, I try to apply the warped rules of dreams to enlarge or oddly juxtapose images against each other to find out if I can make the mundane realities of the real world more exciting. Sometimes, I wonder if looking at something from odd angles will somehow reveal its secrets. I wonder what I can learn about something when I steal it from its native environment and put it in a place it doesn’t belong.”

IN-Focus (2023)
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