Fear Itself

September 1 – October 31, 2021

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. The first written reference to phobic problems that we have is in the works of the ancient Greek Hippocrates in 450 BCE. It wasn’t until 1951 that phobias were officially classified by the American Psychiatric Association.

While phobias can be a very serious matter, we hope you enjoy this lighthearted look at artwork from our permanent collection. We have paired each work with a phobia. How well can you guess our pairings?

A glimpse at the exhibit:

R. Toner
Contents Under Pressure

1972.5.1, Purchase from 1972 Anderson Winter Show

Patricia Fennell
Something’s Burning

1987.1.5, Purchase 1987 Anderson Winter Show

James Fagan
The Wizard’s World

1975.2.1, Purchase 1975 Anderson Winter Show

Female Abstract Artists from the Collection
AMOA at 30,000 Feet