Take a Passport to Adventure!

Tour the AMOA’s hands-on art gallery “Passport to Adventure!” This area was designed especially for children (ages 4-12) with an emphasis on reading and exploring. Children will take a “trip around the world” and visit five countries: Japan, France, Egypt, Greece, and Australia! This is a great activity for a family outing. We hear many compliments from parents and grandparents who visited with children, making it a special family outing.

From the exciting art stations in each country, children will learn about the elements and principles of art, such as color, texture, line, and form while creating unique artworks inspired by the culture in each country. Some of the activity stations include: calligraphy, spin art, puzzles, texture rubbings and texture walk, unique cultural object projects, and a library of special books for further explorations! Admission into Passport is included with general admission to the galleries. See below for pricing.

Group Tour Fees:

$3 per person for staff assisted Gallery & Facility Tours
$3 per person for staff assisted Passport to Adventure! Tours
$4 per person for staff assisted combination Gallery & Facility Tours and Passport to Adventure! Tours.
The above options require a $20 minimum base fee.

$5 per person for staff assisted combination Gallery & Facility Tours and Passport to Adventure! Tours as well as a classroom art activity.
The above option requires a $50 minimum base fee. 

Teachers, Chaperones, and Bus Drivers are free.

To schedule a field trip please call us at 765.649.1248 and ask for our Administrative Assistant Cheryl.