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AMOA thanks the daring and courageous Edgers who have already taken the Over The Edge Challenge!  They overcame their fears, had an exhilarating experience, and engaged others in an effort to support the arts. Not only did their bravery make a huge impact on the museum, but they inspired all of us with their dedication and commitment to improving our community.
This page is dedicated to the individuals and companies who have conquered the 6-story First Merchant’s Building!  They are truly in our “Ledge of Honor”!

Nancy Anderson

Jessica Bannon

Team Community Hospital

Christy Baysinger

Mike Chandler

Team Harrah’s Hoosier Park

Tori Conley

Breandan Conley

Barbara Cox

Candace Cox

Jennifer Culp

Sally Devoe

Becky Donohue

Gerald Dunsmore

David Eicks

Sandra French

Cortney Gale

Nick Harter

Cody Hooker

Samson Hunckler

Josh Johnson

Earl Loss

Marietta Lutz

Amiee McGrath

Trent McIntosh

Team Harrah’s Hoosier Park

Katie McKeon

Scott Mellinger

Stephanie Michaels

Mandee Mikulski

Lori Millikan

Mike Montgomery

Jerrad Oakley

Monica Parks

John Pistole

Karen Quashie

Mike Shelton

Thomas Short

Team Community Hospital

Lorie Staehler

Team Community Hospital

Beth Tharp

Team Community Hospital

Steve Thompson

John Waxler

Team Harrah’s Hoosier Park

Madalyn Weaver

Team Detour Salon

Linda West

Team Community Hospital

Clayton Whitson

Deca Williams

Greg Winkler

Brooke Zerkel

Kris Zinszer