Week 3: Bring Together Kits (Sculpture)

Below are three sculpture themed kits you may choose from. Projects were designed by local art teacher Beth Ann Webb. Each kit includes all supplies, paper instructions, and a link to video instruction. You may purchase one, two, or all three kits.

Kit #1: Half Masks

Learn how to make a cute half mask! Campers will learn how to use molding plaster. Masks can be made for decoration or to wear. All supplies included.

Kit #2: Book Sculptures

Let’s recycle an old book into art! Learn how to create this 3D scene using an old book. All supplies will be provided.

Kit #3: Calder Sculpture

Inspired by American sculpture Alexander Calder, best known for his mobiles, learn how to create a cardstock and mixed media sculpture.

All 3 Kits

Buy all 3 kits at once for just $20.