What is your background? Do you have a degree or are you self-taught?

I consider myself an advanced amateur and am for the most part self-taught.

How did your life as an artist first begin?

Attending a children’s workshop at the Children’s Museum before the current building existed. A few years later in high school I joined the yearbook photography crew.

What does your art aim to say to your audience?

The discovery of observation be it small details or large vistas.

Who has been your biggest influence?

My peers.

(For those in the area check out Killbuck Photo Guild if you are interested in finding and working with other local photographers)

How has your practice changed over time?

Participation in online contests has honed my ability to produce an interesting image.

Is practicing art your main focus/job?

No. Optometrist for the past 37 years.

Any tips for young and upcoming artists in navigating the art world, especially locally?

Keep at it – repetition of skills improves those skills.

How can we see more of your work?

What is a fun fact about your self!

I learned photography in the film age and spent most of my time with black and white film and in the darkroom. I still find in the digital age that my most compelling images are produced in monochrome tones.